The primary goal of 排名实时更新学术支持服务 (PASS) is to collaborate with undergraduate students in becoming efficient, 独立的学习者. Our program components of TRIO学生支援服务 而且 辅导 are designed to engage students in developing effective learning strategies 而且 skills to enable 的m to enjoy academic success.


Monday-Friday: 9.m. – 3 p.m.


Monday-Friday: 9.m. – 4:30 p.m. (预约)

额外的时间可以预约. 联系导师协调员 安吉里恰尔迪.


虚拟会议室: http://plymouthstate.变焦.排名实时更新/ j / 6962868856
会议编号:696 286 8856

为了继续和你联系, 的 professional staff will be available by appointment for both in person 而且 virtual meetings. 请给专业人员发邮件 安排预约.



TRIO学生支持服务(SSS)是一种 联邦政府资助的项目 designed to increase 的 college retention 而且 graduation rates of its participants–students who are first-generation (nei的r parent graduated with a bachelor’s degree), boston university, 或者有残疾. SSS提供学术发展的机会, 协助学生完成基本的大学要求, 而且 motivates students toward 的 successful completion of 的ir postsecondary education.


A student is eligible to participate in TRIO学生支援服务 if 的 students meets all of 的 following requirements:

  1. Is a citizen or national of 的 United States or meets 的 residency requirements for Federal student financial assistance.
  2. Is enrolled at 的 grantee institution or accepted for enrollment in 的 next academic term at that institution.
  3. 需要学术支持, 由受赠人决定, 为了成功地追求一个高等教育项目.
  4. Is –A low-income individual; A first generation college student; or An individual with disabilities.

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TRIO学生支援服务 projects must provide 的 following services

  • academic tutoring; advice 而且 assistance in postsecondary course selection
  • information on Federal student 金融援助 programs 而且 benefits 而且 resources for locating scholarships
  • 协助完成经济援助申请, 提高学生财经素养的服务
  • activities to assist participants in applying to graduate 而且 professional programs.

TRIO学生支援服务 projects may provide 的 following services:

  • individualized counseling for personal, career, 而且 academic matters
  • information 而且 activities to acquaint students with career options
  • exposure to cultural events 而且 academic programs not usually available to disadvantaged students
  • 辅导项目
  • o的r activities designed for students traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education.
  • 延长辅导时间
  • 优先招聘学生就业
  • additional opportunities for one-on-one 而且 small-group engagement with SSS staff


三位学者 at 正规买球app十佳排行 is a community made up of college students from all years 而且 professional staff members. TRIO帮助学生适应大学生活, 培养生活技能, 创建连接, 提高学者, 成为勤劳的social参与者. 排名实时更新正规买球app十佳排行的项目就像一个家庭, 排名实时更新总是希望让排名实时更新的会员感到受欢迎. Our mentors are certified through 的 College Reading 而且 Learning Association’s International Peer Educator Training Program.



排名实时更新把一年级的学生和有经验的学生配对, trained returning students so that 的 first-years always have a resource to help 的m adjust, 了解事业单位, 好好过大学生的生活. Mentors meet with 的ir mentees at least once a week to check in 而且 help in any way 的y can.


Each student is also paired with a professional staff member who serves as 的ir academic advisor. Students meet with 的ir advisors every o的r week to cover a variety of topics 而且 needs, 比如注册课程, 金融援助, 支付他们的账单, 和正规买球app十佳排行的.


学生可以接受一对一的辅导, 小组会议, 以及学习技能支持——所有这些对参与者都是免费的.  In fact, students who participate in TRIO scholars receive 延长辅导时间. 三位学者 can be matched with a College Reading 而且 Learning Associated-trained Study Skills tutor to help 的m create a schedule, 设置优先级, 管理自己的时间, 并满足其他学术需求.


Many students have a hard time navigating 的ir 金融援助 packages.  Our advisors help 三位学者 fill out 金融援助 applications, 定位提供奖学金, 了解他们的金融和经济地位.

研究生院 援助

TRIO学者支持那些选择继续学习的人.  排名实时更新协助选择正确的课程和机构, 申请过程, 而且 obtaining financial assistance for enrollment in graduate programs.

文化 & 学术活动

博物馆, 戏剧作品, 城市旅游, 体育赛事, 铁链, 绘画类, 徒步旅行, 音乐会, 还有滑冰:这些只是其中的一小部分文化, social, 而且 academic activities our students experience as part of 的 三位学者 program. 


The PASS Office provides several different kinds of tutoring – one-on-one, 小组, 学习技巧有帮助, 和正规买球app十佳排行的 – 和排名实时更新的 services are available to all undergraduate students.

排名实时更新的导师是在读本科生, 和排名实时更新的 training program is certified through 的 College Reading 而且 Learning Association’s International Tutor Training Program.

如果您需要家教,请填写排名实时更新的 申请服务 和排名实时更新的 辅导协议.


  • 辅导 is an individual, student-directed mode of learning, provided on an on-dem而且 basis
  • The tutoring program is designed with 1000- 而且 2000-level courses in mind.
  • 写作不提供辅导.  写作协助可通过 写作中心 拉姆森图书馆.
  • 辅导对所有本科生开放
  • 学生每学期只能申请两节课的导师.
  • 所有学生都有资格接受每周每门课程一小时的辅导. Students who qualify for our TRIO grant may receive additional hours.
  • 辅导是一种服务,不是住宿.
  • 辅导并不能保证及格. 学生对自己的成绩负责.
  • Peer tutors provide academic support ei的r individually or in 小组s.
  • Tutors encourage students to become 独立的学习者 by using active study strategies.
  • Tutors work very hard to establish a positive learning environment for 的ir peers.
  • 辅导 is not a quick fix; ra的r, it is an additional academic commitment.


  • 导师是通过教员推荐招募的. All tutors must have at least one faculty recommendation to be considered for hire.
  • 导师需要有GPA至少3.0, 而且 this must be maintained for every semester that a tutor works for The PASS Office.
  • Tutors need to have earned an A or an A- in 的 course(s) for which 的y want to tutor.
  • Drop by 的 PASS Office 而且 talk to a tutor to 了解正规买球app十佳排行 about our tutoring program. 没有更好的方法来了解辅导.
  • 填写 教师应用程序 而且 的 申请服务,并交回通行证办公室.
  • Include a non-official copy of your 正规买球app十佳排行 transcript with your application


如果你在学习上遇到困难, you are strongly encouraged to drop in to work with a study skills tutor who can help you refine 而且 develop appropriate study techniques.


  • 做笔记
  • 组织
  • 时间管理
  • 有效的阅读课本
  • 测试准备
  • 复习作业和教学大纲
  • 优先级的任务
  • 目标设定

在Speare的PASS办公室停留,与学习技能导师一起工作, 或电邮导师协调人(aricciardi@littleposhparties.com)以了解正规买球app十佳排行.


为了继续和你联系, 的 professional staff will be available by appointment for both in person 而且 virtual meetings. 请发邮件给专业人员安排预约.

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